Thursday, October 30, 2014

Beginning of Something New

Well, here it goes. I've decided to start a blog. I'm not entirely sure where it's going to go or what exactly I'll have to say, but one thing I am certain of: I have too much in my head and not enough places to express it all.

I suppose at the moment the only people who will take interest will be some of my friends on Google+ who follow me, which is fine by me, any audience is better than no audience, really. To be perfectly honest, this is mostly for me, a venue for expression in a structured format, allowing me to type out and analyze my ideas, if anyone finds it interesting, then so much the better, but it's not overly important.

My interests span a wide range, but mostly I'm concerned with science, especially physics and astronomy, atheism and humanism, skepticism, philosophy, logic, music, mathematics, computer science and technology, video games, essentially anything you can equate with the term "nerd". (With a few small exceptions, I'm generally uninterested in comic books, anime, superheros, and all that.) 

Anyone who follows me on Google+ will know that most of my posts are related to atheism and science. I want to see scientific thinking predominate in our society, it currently does not, but I believe this is a necessary step in the advancement of our species.

So, with that in mind, hopefully you should have an idea of what you would be likely to see here.

What one should not expect to see will be this:

  • Popular politics.
  • Celebrity nonsense.
  • Statements with anything positive to say about religion, that greatest bane of human progress.
  • Prophesies of the end times.
  • Anything to do with pie.
So there you have it. Frequency of posts? I have no idea, I'm a full-time student and I have a part-time job, so time is not something I have in abundance at the moment, but that is all well and good in my estimation. I'm ecstatic to be able to return to school to finish my degree (that I started nearly 7 years ago), and while my job is nothing to write home about, it pays the bills and keeps me mildly entertained.
To anyone who bothered to read this, congratulations! You just found some random guy's blog!